Posted by: atowhee | June 14, 2022


A place whereof a suyrfeit seems impossible. Gimme more.
These pictures shared by Blacke Nolan from his recent visit. I must start with his nighthawk shots:

The Bobolink garners attention, sympathy, envy, imitation. Click here for brilliant essay on the Malheur bobolink as an exemplar of nature.

Author Rachel Johnson now lives in Cooperstown, New York. She must surely knows that is the hometown of Susan Fenimore Cooper, the great 19th century nature writer. Cooperstown is also home of that Fenimore Cooper (her father) and that big baseball museum.

Blakes’s Great Horned Gallery:

Click here for “the owls, my friend, are blowin’ in the wind,” a nineteen minute video.

Cick here for video from Blake–over twenty minutes of non-owl birds in action, and at rest.

And another gallery of Malheurians, for dessert:


  1. Love the photos, especially of the chat, rock wren and bobolinks.

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