George Orwell would smile knowingly if he were here to note the neologisms being bandied about in Washington to avoid talking about reality. The Trumpian Dept. of Agriculture has banned “climate change” and “greenhouse gases” from the vocabulary of their employees.

Some of the Confederate states have tried this in the past. It has not stopped tidal flooding nor has it saved the coral reefs. When Mara Lago floods in a hurricane we should all refer to it as an “Act of God,” I presume.

It doesn’t stop there: “white nationalism” is now used to make racism and bigotry sound like just another responsible political movement. “Deregulation” is used to cover for letting corporations and wealthy individuals behave anyway they want in the marketplace. “Privatization” means sending tax money to big corporations from security firms to private prisons to charter schools.
“Right to work” means no labor representation for employees so the employer has all the power, no limit to length of work day or work week or guarantee of fixed hours…welcome to the gig economy with no fixed hours, no guaranteed income, no benefits, no paid vacation. That’s real freedom American style.

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