Posted by: atowhee | June 14, 2022


Young Anna’s still not quite fledged in nest disintegrating from heavy use and abuse. Bill Madison took this picture in his San Francisco garden.
Karl Schneck produced this composite from images he got of a coyote hunting near his rural home in Jackson County, OR.

Click here for night prowler video from Lee French in Ashland. The foxes there are the native gray fox.

From Shannon Rio and Kirk Gppding’s visit to Summer Lake this month. Kirk’s pictures. SHannon’s words: “The marsh wren just never stops singing in its agitated way and building nests hoping a female will like ONE of them.  The male is one keyed up dude.  I love this photo of the kid owl….loggerhead shrike making a getaway.  there is an island on the refuge where gulls and terns and cormorants nest.  i did not realize until i put my scope on this island that the cormorants were nesting on the ground.  as for the kid great horned owl, it already has the look:  i want to kill and eat you! …the trumpeter swans are always on the first part of the refuge route.  be sure to look for these sparrows:  brewers, black throated, sagebrush and lark.  and of course listen and look for the sage thrasher!”

Summer Lake is one of the few places where Trumpeter Swans can nest in Oregon this year due to drought.

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