We cannot always be sure of our fellow hominids… but other animals we can often admire for their refined and civil behavior:GLewis-Ducks_CrossWalk_Ashland_3_hiGLewis_Ducks_CrossWalk_Ashland_hiGLewis-Ducks_CrossWalk_Ashland_2_hiThis is a small part of the duck population that lives in Lithia Park and along Ashland Creek in Ashland, Oregon.  They know their way around town, and how to get from A to B, use the crosswalk.

These photos were taken by a friend of mine in Ashland who work(ed)s for the Chamber of Commerce…but now furloughed because everything is essentially closed down.  The university is emptied, Oregon Shakespeare Festival is postponed until September when they hope to re-open.

When we lived in Ashland I would occasionally see a doe lead her fawn down the sidewalk and then over a crosswalk.  This was clearly deliberate.

So why go to Ashland?  For the civilized wildlife (dippers nest in Lithia Park) and the birding.  Great Gray Owls, Williamson’s Sapsuckers, Calliope Hummers, Mountain Bluebirds, White-headed Woodpeckers, California Towhee and again Thrasher, Great-Tailed Grackle, Green-tailed Towhee, and with great luck Mouintain Quail on back roads… always good access to the Klamath Basin with its avian riches.  If you go in May the large grebes are dancing on the lake.

If Ashland cafes are all closed there are superb delis in Market of Choice and the Ashland Co-Op.  I do not know how long such travel will be allowed…

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