Posted by: atowhee | October 2, 2022


End of September and I have two important personal visits …so I moved from home to Cannon Beach and thence to Neskowin. Plenty of beach time but I didn’t even take binocs!

Above: Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock. Gulls and other beach denizens. Corpse: a murre. No obvious cause of death. At Neskowin the corpse was a large fur seal! Already being excavated by gulls and crows.

Should be renamed “Gull Beach” (note the apostrophetic mistake in the doggerel):

Here is scene at Cannon Beach, perhaps adapted from some apocalyptic video. The rusted beams that were once intended to be the foundation for a hominid dwelling. Now a quiet herd of elk forage between the rusted lines of steel:

From a wholly other coast:

From a lagoon south of Venice…Italy, not Los Angeles. Photos by Ryckman.

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