Posted by: atowhee | October 3, 2022


This rail came out of hiding for a good luck at Albrt Ryckman and his camera…at Albany’s Talking Waters.


Salem Reporter recently posted my story about the failure of Trumpeters to breed in Oregon recently–click here.
When I spoke with Brandon Reishus of ODFW (he’s Migratory game Bird Coordinator for the state), he said: The last wild nesting swans in Oregon were two pair around Summer Lake in 2020. One pair may have nested at or near Thompson Reservoir. Summer Lake is where captive raised young are released, and where the state’s population of less than forty birds winters. As the drought changes habitat in eastern Oregon he speculated that Fern Ridge or Finley might become nesting sites for the Trumpeter.

Historically there were summer sightings of Trumpeters in Oregon, but no confirmed nesting. Trumpeter Swans may form pair bonds as early as their second winter and some may nest for the first time at three years of age. Most don’t nest until they’re four to six years old.

Swan near Twin Cities, courtesy of college classmate, Marc Reigel:

Not all of Florida ignores climate reality…one specially designed community, solar-powered came through Ian as it planned. Powered-up, water off a duck’s back. Click here.

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