Posted by: atowhee | June 3, 2022


Osprey couple on nest platform north of US 20 about three miles east of Bend.

Irrigated fields west of Hampton: BEagle, GEagle, many red-tails pestered by blackbirds, ravens, pronghorn.

A roadside stop in Lake County got us Brewer’s Sparrow and Sage Thrasher singing in mature sagebrush.

Chickahominy has only a small puddle of water.  Rock Wren along the bare cliffs.  Tree Swallows in the nest boxes near Large paved parking lot.  No fish, few campers. Marmot on what was once lake bed!

Spring-fed ponds two miles west of Riley: Redhead, Pied-billed grebe mom and young, Great Egret, Willet.

Sage Hen Rest Area near MP 114, US 20: nest boxes along nature trail south from the parking/picnic area have been claimed by at least three pairs of Mountain Bluebirds.  Got reports of both Vesper Sparrow and BG Gnatcatcher up along the ridge at south end of trail.

Potter Swamp Road: Many W. Phalarope, stilts, Willet, shoveler, pintail, C. Teal.

Greenhouse Lane: GH Owl family (two nestlings) in western-most willow south side of road.  Some cranes far back in fields—very dry, so doubtful they will nest successfully.  Curlew, Willet, blackbirds.

Hwy 205—WKingbirds; three nestlings in Ferrugy nest at MP 17.

Malheur Field Station:  GH Owls have fledged, may be sleeping day-times in large maintenance barn, active after dark around campus.  Kestrel nest in side of maintenance building due south of Owl Dorm.  Nighthawk seen. Quail, magpies & all the usual suspects.

Sod House Road just west of Blitzen River Bridge—some water in fields.  Cinn. Teal, stilts, blackbirds.

NWR Headquarters at dusk:  Rain; nighthawk; two Spotted Sandpiper on mudflat of what used to be Morgan Pond; Cal. Quail.

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