Posted by: atowhee | July 18, 2021


Our species is specious when it comes to mourniig over lost lives, spilled milk, or trashed environment.
Germany’s Chancellor now calls for action on climate change…duh. Flood victims there are still being found as workers mop up.

We Yanks have nuthin’ to brag about. We have more covid vaccine than we do vaccine takers. And it’s now clear that seven states cannot depend on the drought-depleted Colorado River for water, and some of our metropolae are in extreme drought but still serving ice cubes and filling swimming pools: Vegas, Phoenix, LA, San Diego, Bay Area, Sacramento, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City. Yet only one small coastal community in America (in Louisiana) is getting federal aid to relocate the people in danger–that’s Isle de Jean Charles. Their problem is not drought, however. Too much water. Captain goes down with the ship? Residents go down with the island?

Just today I drove around my drought-ignoring town and saw one industrial park campus watering its pristine lawn, excess flowiing down the sidewalk and into the gutter.

And much of our arid west is becoming more arid. Enjoy those almonds, as a water sump crop we can expect almonds to get rarer and more expensive. Some farmers are getting ahead of the disaster, ripping out trees they cannot irrigate.

Here’s overall summary of western mega-drought. Yet, almonds are not the worst water wasters in California ag–check out the beef biz.

What can you envision happening when we learn that even desert plants are dying due to current conditions? Has our species perhaps over-stayed its welcome…nature now has a better idea? Nature has never made us any promises.

Meanwehile here in Oregon the ever-ebullient Bootleg fire nears 300,000 acres and continues to move east…toward Summer Lake, one of the finest birding locales in our state.

Rest assured, America, as long as there’s a Republican party you will not have to get vaccinated or drive an electric car. The Senator from Oilklahoma had this to say in a recennt hearing, take it away Sen. Imhofe: “Sadly, it appears the ‘National Climate Bank Act’ may be phase one of Democrats’ far-left climate agenda–the end goal, of course, being the ‘Green New Deal.’ We all know the Green New Deal seeks to end our way of life as we know it – abolish fossil fuels, air travel and control how much beef we eat. This bill creates a federally-funded, D.C. based climate bank solely focused on funneling $100 billion taxpayer dollars into “green” projects favored by Washington Democrats.

Sen. Imhofe, is naturally and un-naturally, ignorant of the way the beef industry is doomed anyway. Water? Grass? Oil-based pesticides? And he can’t imagine an airplane that doesn’t burn oil products from OKlahoma, or that there miught some millennium be no more Oklahoma oil…

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