Posted by: atowhee | July 18, 2021


At Faorview Wetlands this morning I saw my first migratory Salem shorebirds. the earu southbound adults began appearing in June, the flow from the north should be increasing. Today there were five Least Sandpipers along the muddy edge of the shrinking pool of water at Fairview. Many of the Mallards were moving around in flocks beigger than single family units, and gone are the drakes with their glisteing greenheads–all Mallards, young and old are in the muted eclipse plumage. A dull brown tweed.

A friend of mine near Ashland has a California Quail nest on his land. Karl Schneck writes: “The kids should be hatching/fledging about August 4 based on the 9th egg laid a few days ago and she lays 3 eggs every 4 days.”

Albert Ryckman’s day at Talking Waters, Green Herons unleashed (done nesting):

At Fush and Wildlfie Office in Adair, north of Corvallis on Hwy 99W:

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