Posted by: atowhee | June 24, 2021


There are very few signs of intelligent life on this planet. You have to feel sorry for any visitors from outer space. They really will suffer if they land in North Korea, Sudan, Moscow, Iraq, Hong Kong, Syria or Florida.

That a supposedly safe condo building could begin sinking aquarter century ago and then tumble into rubble…makes you think of earthquakes in Turkey or China, right? Nope in splendid Miami Metro area. Collapse video here. I guesd the free market,. unrestircted by nosey building inspectors and intrusive safety standrads means yiu gotta do yiur own due diligence if you are going to buy property in a state that vlues individual freedom like Florida. Down wth govern,ment regulstion may just mean down with your building, but, hey, that’stghe price we pay for freedom. Want safety, go live in Denmark or Switzerland and get bored.

Here are running updates on the condo collapse of the decade (so far). Nothing surprising, Florida’s built on porpous limetsone and this condo was put onto a filled marsh. Fancy a swim in the basement?

Also, in the free spirit of free enterprise, Florida developers have developed. Canals often trenched through what was once mangrove florest. Homes and roads build at what had been slightly above high tide line, back before the myth of climate change was foist upon this sub-tripical paradise by outside agitators and eco-terrorists. Now the race is on.
Will the Atlantic overflow the streets before we spend billions to raise them? Are we adept at Dutch-style engineering? Is it worth it? And studies are being done on the environmental costs of all those canals. Oh my.

Anybody talking to the Catalan government? Maybe they could add to their small province…

The new managers of Florida could ignore Mara Lago’s culture and the legislation attacking academic freedom, the move to limit access to voting, and even locking up a statistician over her attempt to free covid data from political censorship…all in the course of doing more and more business. That’s the purpose of life, right?

Meanwhile, stay away from international news, the UN is warning us that climate change is getting really bad.


  1. […] When the killer condo story began to unravel I thought we should see if Spain would take back Florid… before it costs us much more. Think about hauling all that sand from Arizona to build huge levees around the state… […]

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