Posted by: atowhee | June 24, 2021


For some time now our species has had to admit that birds do things way beyond our limited capabilties. Small ones have heart beats of hundreds of times per minute. Birds can move at speeds beyond anything we can manage without machines. We know they see frequencies of light, and thus intense colors, to which we are blind. Many see better and more accurately across a wider field of vision than we can–added fovea is one advantage birds own.

Now comes more reseach on how they be able to envision the lines of magnetism, along the curve of the Earth, a possibly crucial feature for night migrators as are most small songbirds.

It’s just one of the many cimplex clues we are piecing together about birds’ incredible ability to navigate, sometimes across thousands of miles, using no printed map, no GPS, no satellite images.


  1. This is a fascinating article – thanks for sharing it.

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