Posted by: atowhee | May 4, 2019


Our McMinnville spring birding class went to Grand Island today.  Cliff Swallows were swirling in clouds at the bridge and an antique barn.  But stars of the day were busy, loud Red-breasted Sapsuckers.rbs gi2rbs gi1rbs gi3clsw gi1clsw gi3clsw gi4clsw gi7There were three duck species: Mallard, Wood Duck (one male flew past) and three Common Mergansers on the Willamette. We had at least five Osprey including two on nest platforms.  Turkey Vultures, Kestrel, Red-tail en route.  Killdeer, Northern Flickers, sapsuckers, Several Great Blue Herons including a trio circling high over the river. One Band-tailed Pigeon, Mourning Dove calling, Vaux’s Swift at one farm, crows and both jays along the river, Cliff Swallows up to 400 or more, Barn and Violet-green as well.  A pair of Brown Creepers, a calling White-breasted Nuthatch, robins, starlings, Brewer’s and Red-winged Blackbirds,  Sparrows were Chipping, Savannah,White-crowned and a lone laggard Golden-crowned.  Spotted Towhee. Singing Black-headed Grosbeaks. Wilson’s Warbler and Common Yellowthroat, both playing hard to see. house Sparrows lurking around the Cliff Swallows hoping to steal a nest of fresh stucco.  37 species in about two hours.

Portland, OR 97217 erons including three circling high over the river.

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