Posted by: atowhee | September 21, 2017


Fall has descended. One more summer past but not one easily forgotten…with its heat and forest fires and smoke and hurricanes in the far-off Neo-Confederacy where they still fight over Confederate flags.
Here the tree dandruff descends with the season: dawn redwood needles and twigs, hydrangea flower clusters dried and weightless, deciduous leaves. Our tomatoes are losing leaf green but clinging stubbornly to tomatoes that remain green. The parsley bush has ambitions to be a lilac and its sprigs have now gone to seed. The clematis insists on some fall blooms, one at a time with sky blue to remind what the heavens look like outside of fire and smoke times. Hay has been cut and baled: fescue, orchard grass, clover. The hops crops were cut weeks ago so more beer is a-brewing. The Bushtit gang came by today to remind me to replenish the suet as the nights get colder, the days briefer. We still have some bright sunny color, the American Goldfinch crowd which will dissipate and vanish as will the Barn Swallows still speeding overhead.
Our rainy season seems to have begun and driven down the fires and driven out much of the smoke. My eyes and lungs are thankful.

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