Posted by: atowhee | September 20, 2017


Some photos from the Summer Lake area by Shannon Rio and Kirk Gooding:FullSizeRenderAbove: cranes and tractor. Below: Killdeer portrait.FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender
Snipe:FullSizeRender (3)Coyote frightens shorebirds.FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (1)pronghorn
FullSizeRender (1)heron, egret, admiring wigeonsFullSizeRender (2)Trumpeter Swans, America’s heaviest flying bird:FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (5)
Great Horned one…FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender (6)FullSizeRender (7)

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