Posted by: atowhee | November 7, 2015


Watching a Turkey Vulture.

It was the day of our Klamath BIurd Observatory field trip, and we were going around the usual places in Ashland: North Mountain, Ashland Pond, then up to Newbry Park in Talent for the ducks.   While most of us were staring out at the ducks there, Shannon Rio said,  “Hey, Turkey Vulture.”
Sure enough there the bird was heading north, then circling back south.  Wasn’t he supposed to have left town last month?


Two other stragglers had been seen this week not far away in Jackson County.

Other birds of local interest: two Lesser Scaup females, a Western Grebe and Harrier at Emigrant Pond (not big enough now to be a lake)…Pacific Wren at North Mountain Park and White-throated Sparrow at Ashland Pond.


Looking at this guy you can see why a female Brewer’s Blackbird might take a shine to such a handsome male._MG_4257 _MG_4264Here is our Pacific Wren at North Mountain: _MG_4290 _MG_4297 _MG_4307 _MG_4309Scrub-Jay: _MG_4324Flicker: _MG_4329Acorn, uppatree. _MG_4332Maler Hooded Merganser…there was a lone female far away at Emigrant Lake.  This male was alone on Ashland Pond.  With only Pied-billed Grebes and Coot for company. _MG_4354 _MG_4357 _MG_4358Note white throat on Whigte-throated Sparrow, A-Pond. _MG_4387 _MG_4404American Wigeon, Newbry Park. _MG_4407Female Shovelere, Newbry. _MG_4408Harrier at Wigrant Lake, scared the dickens out of the four Killdeer on the desertscape there. _MG_4491 _MG_4504 _MG_4509

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