Posted by: atowhee | November 7, 2015


buck2This buck stops in the shade.  Ferruginous Hawk on crossbar, note the wide mouth.FERRU STARESferr SHADOW2 (1280x960)Ferrugy backe dup by Starlings, on pivot, then departing. FERRU FRNT 2 (1280x914)  FERRU TAKEOFF (1280x1079) FERRU TAKEOFF2Frost at dawn, Howard Prairie. FRST FIELD (1280x730)Called this bird my “Pale Tail,”  a pale Red-tailed Hawk Ferruginous, Butte Valley.   Looking closely you can see the broad gape.RtH ALOFTPALE TAILPale tail in the air. PALE TAIL2Quail bush at Tule Lake NWR. QUAIL BUSH (1280x960)Critters from left to right: Angus, Kestrel, 3-year old Golden Eagle (with golden head but still white on its upper tail), pair of Red-tails.  Note smaller male on right hand is a very dark morph.  Butte Valley. RAPTOR GRP RLH ABOVEYoung Bald Eagle lifts off from carcass n woods at Howard Prairie.CARCSS (1280x959)Magpie on jackrabbit carcass along highway in Butte valley.  This carcass attracted a score of Ravens, several other magpies, a Golden and a Bald Eagle. CARCSS2 (1280x1141)Tule Lake Canvasback male. CNVSBACK BEST (1280x960)  That distant bird in that distant juniper before an even more distant Mt. Shasta is a young Golden Eagle. shst egl (960x1280)

PINTL BEACHAbove: some of the many thousands of Pintails at Tule Lake.  Then a few of the thousands of Snow Geese, youngster are the “dirty” ones.  Small bird in foreground left is Eared Grebe.  In background are Lesser Scaup, Coots, Shoveler, Ruddy Ducks and Ring-necked Ducks.   Most of these birds will NOT winter at Tule Lake. white goose

Some Oct 20 census numbers from entire Klamath NWR: 3900 Snow Geese; 109K Coots; 25K Mallards; 28K Gadwall; 44K Wigeon; 42K Green-winged Teal; 93K Shoveler; 71K Pintail; 32K Canvasback; 39K Ring-necked Duck; 114K Ruddy Duck.  This number change over the winter with more and more swans arriving, though we saw only a handful in two locations.RUDURuddy above, pelican below. WPEL

Below: Oregon’s southernmost volcano, McLaughlin.LOUGH VOLC (1280x959)

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