Posted by: atowhee | April 4, 2022


We have several important things in common with local flickers. We like trees. We mistrust starlings. We have a saying, “Let the chips fall where…”

When I first arrived at the flicker tree today (it is a cottonwood, dead, with two trunks…I have earlier incorrectly called it an oak…but the trunk tells the truth, cottonwood bark, and much softer wood for working) there was no flicker. Then she flew in from the west side of Clark Creek Park. She hung out at the entrance, looked around. Suspicious that some starling might covet the cavity? Finally she went inside and began spitting out wood chips, letting them fall where they….

Another park nester:

Song Sparrow stares me down.


  1. Nice set of photos, Harry. Keep those chainsaw guys away… and flickers are some of my favorites too.

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