Posted by: atowhee | June 6, 2021


I hope to be leading a three-day birding trip along the Pacific Slope sometime soon. We will plan the trip to best please the birders who come along. Got friends in Atlantic states or Europe who need to get some westerners on their life list? Get ’em out here. Let’s do this!

It’s part of a fund-raising auction put on by my eldest son and his wife in memory, honor, love of their eldest daughter who died just over a year ago of blood cancer. The money goes to research so others won’t die too soon. Ruby was a staunch protestor against climate change, a brilliant math student and musician, an international traveler, artist, a leader (her school’s “Head Girl”) who was just setting out to improve life on this planet. Her motto resonates; “Live kindly. Live LOUDLY!”

Here is link to the bird trip item.

Here is link to top page of entire auction.

We are also grateful that our favorite California landscape/animal artisit, Carol Peek, is represented in this auction. Thank you, Carol.

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