Posted by: atowhee | September 7, 2020


Wild Fires are a curse across much of the western U.S. right now. Recently a small one burned near the area where I have most often studied and enjoyed Great Gray Owls in the southern Cascades.
Local birder Mel Clements is one of their finest admirers and photographers. He sent out this email after checking the fire area and the GGO’s hunting meadows:

“Just a quick note to let you know, except for lots of smoke – everything appears normal with our Great Gray Owls. I went up early this morning to check the area out. There were no signs of the fire intruding in any of the normal meadows. Peter, I did see the two first year owls… I did not see the dad today, but had photographed him Friday morning.
“I was able to photograph the two young owls. One owl was photographed from the road, but the heavy smoke, lighting and distance did not make for a good photo. I had more luck with the second photo. Both young owls were in good shape and very active.”

May the voles bless and keep you, o GGO.

Young GGO seen from roadway, and seeing back at Mel.

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