Posted by: atowhee | April 14, 2020


There are two Great Gray Owl (GGO) nest cams now live…both are in western Montana.
Click here for one.
Click for the other where I saw at least three owlets panting next to their mom in the sun.
The young GGO are in the nest for only about two weeks and then fledge, long before they can fly.  Once fledged the owlets climb back into the canopy if they are able and there survive.  Some will die on the ground before they get back up to safety.
The other owl is the sentinel who tries to protect the young.  The father does the hunting for the whole family–two adults and three young means he needs to make 20 catches per day to keep everybody healthy and happy.  All their prey are small morsels.

How brutal is the avian real estate market?  Think Manhattan or Silicon Valley…or simply observe what’s going on at this so-called Osprey nest, click here.

If anybody’s interested I still have a few copies of the book i co-authored on the GGOs here on the Pacific Slope.  It will not be re-printed.

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