Posted by: atowhee | April 6, 2020


Here’s report summarizing what little we know of covid infecting other mammals.
No evidence that it affects or infects birds, or frogs, or bees.  I am afraid this mean curtailing dog kisses at our house.

There were unsubstantiated reports early on that the virus may have come from another species (maligned pangolins) in a Chinese food market.  We may never know but perhaps there will be more testing of other species, especially those seem to have symptoms similar to what hominids show.

It is not uncommon for diseases to infect many species–think West Nile virus which kills mammals and birds.


  1. Thanks for this. The nightly news gave NO details. Did you see the piece after the tiger one. It is on the insanity of the U S SUPREME court ruling that Wisconsin has to go ahead with its election! Of course it was 5-4, but REALLY??? With governors who won’t do shut downs and PASTORS who are killing their congregations by having them attend Sunday services,I never knew we had so many imbeciles in this country – I really mean it……Rome took hundreds of years to fall; the US is going to beat them by more than a century……………….geeeeezzzzzzzzm a

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