Posted by: atowhee | January 7, 2020


For the first time this decade I heard chorus frogs calling.  That was this morning.  They were unseen and well heard from within the wetlands at Joe Dancer Park.
Another FOY:  my first mushring of the year.  It has popped up from the cedar duff  beneatha row of fifty-foot cedars on the edge of the nearby golf course.  I see them there every winter.IMG_1591 (2)Not far away, up from the same cedar litter, came these two bright fellows:pink (2)There are many varieties of fungi fruiting now.  Under the firs at Wortman Park we saw creamy white mushrooms with flat, matte-finish tops.  Nearby were pure white dome-shaped ones as well.  And on a lawn near our house I saw dozens of brown, flat mushrooms.  They were pale on the outer edge and darkened toward the center where they resembled the sheen and color of a well-oiled old leather saddle.  The largest of the mushrooms I’ve been finding, these were only three inches across at most.

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