Posted by: atowhee | November 9, 2019


I was out in our garden this morning.  A large flock of Cackling Geese overhead, noise included.  They may sound like they’re cackling when hundreds of them gather on nesting grounds on some Aleutian Island.  Here on wintering grounds an overflight like that is raucous with shrieks of alarm.cack overr (3)

This morning’s flock likely came from some peaceful pasture where the geese  had been muttering softly as they packed more blades of grass into their gullets. Then a typical blundering Bald Eagle tried to make a stealth attack.  Suddenly hundreds of geese rose, frantic to gain speed and altitude.  They call out their upset as they fly past, bound for another grassy field, without eagle, thank you very much.

The times they are a-changin’.   We have had up to twenty juncos at a time this past week, and a half dozen starlings.  The Audubon’s Warbler has been coming to the suet several times a day.

One good morsel leads to another, one of our neighbors in the compost bowl:sqrl compst (2)

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