Posted by: atowhee | April 4, 2018


For the past few days a White-throated Sparrow has been in the brush at the end of Pinot Noir [Drive] (not the end of the wine, forheavinsake).  There he is among Golden-crowned Sparrows and juncos and the resident towhees.  I think he is newly arrived as I have been birding there regularly all this year and only spotted him for the first time a few days back.

Paul Sullivan has had a white-throat in his garden most of the winter. sent me this data on his sightings of WTSP this winter: “I’ve only had White-throated Sparrow in my yard on Nov 7-20, 2017, Dec 1, 2017, then Mar 21, 2018.  It hasn’t been a typical year.”

This species is scarce but regular in winter on this side of the Cascades.  Most White-throated Sparrows are easterners.  They are resident in New York’s Central Park, for example.  I saw a lone White-crowned Sparrow there once and the locals got all excited.  The white-throat does breed north of Oregon, but on the other side of the Canadian Rockies and most migrate southeast from there.   See the two sparrows in this image?  Both trying to hide themselves…FIND WTSPHere he is…WTSPFrom the back, could be taken for a White-crowned Sparrow, his near cousin:WTSP BK
LILY OF OUR VALLEYLILY IN HANDThis is the Oregon fawn lily, blooming now on the forest floor, Willamette Valley.LILYIMG_1208IMG_1220CLEANLINESS = CROWLINESScro-bath1cro-bath2cro-bath3cro-bath4Refreshed, all dust and dander washed away, plenty to crow about.

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