Posted by: atowhee | March 23, 2015


Every morning now it seems a couple more Siskins have come into our garden.  Gone are the days when I would see only one or two.SISK-TUBEWhen you are face to face with a tom turkey this time of year you can fully appreciate the relativity of “beauty.”  Somehow the hens seem to find the breeding season males to be attractive?  Ther bulbous barble ’bout the face baffle my brain.BLUE FACE1 BLUE FACE2Blue faces have been passe since the last English-Scots wars. BLUE FACE5The Proturding Carbuncle is the ultimate touch BVLUE FACE4Two Ravens soaring in a kettle that included several TVs as well.CORA SORA DIPP DRINXStanding on Lithia Park Bridge 33, no Dipper. Then suddenly the bird flew out from the nest box beneath the bridge, stopped on a stone, took a drink.  Then back to the nest.  Incubation is a thirty business. DIPP DRINX2Peekabo sparrow. HIDING SOSP PERE PASSOVERPeregrine that sped past me at Ashland Pond last yesterday. PERE SOARZ PERE UPPGH ON NSTTI am told the owlet (biggest one at least) is now visible at times at this nest. Osprey at Emigrant Lake, perched where it can eyebll the nest platform. OSPRCH PINT MALE1Male Pintail on the shore of Emigrant Lake.  Numerous Green-winged Teal were also among the Mallards.

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