Posted by: atowhee | November 4, 2014


Today Peter Thiemann and I ventured eastward across the Cascades, thence across the Klamath Basin, through Klamath Marsh and on to Malheur. The last 150 miles of the trip takes us through sagebrush steppe. Many birds encountered along the way. Here are a few, images not suitable for the squeamish.b eag2 on grndTwo adult Bald Eagles were on the ground nest to one another with an unseen carcass in the grass between them. Bloody beaks were clearly visible,

beag bloody beekThen one of the eagkes left, perhaps having had his fill.

beag exit (1280x851)beagleavesThe remaining eagle decides to re-arrange the food before continuing to feed.

beag food1

beag food2

beag food3
It appeared to be a coyote carcass. This all took place at Klamath Marsh along Silver Lake Road.

Klamath marsh also had a number of Rough-legged Hawks:
rlh aloft-a

rlh goin-away

rlh on fencline
There was a Dipper in Spring Creek at Collier State Park:collier dppr
We found four Golden Eagles along the highway through Christmas Valley. This immature bird had bleached shoulder feathers for sun and friction.
These two Goldens were playing leapfrog with us and one another along the highway’s line-up of utility poles.
A band of Clark’s Nutcrackers were crossing Silver Lake Road about milepost 30 in eastern Klamath County.
This is one of the several Townsend Soliataires among a feeding flock that included Cedar Waxwings, Mountain Bluebirds and American Robins. They were all chowing down on juniper berries at the Sagehen Rest Area west of Burns on US 20.

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