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One nearby rarity is a powerful temptation. Two in the same place is a command from the birding gods. I joined some other followers of the Avian Way this morning and we gathered on the asphalt banks of the Medford Sewer Ponds. There we shared great views of the Pacific Golden-Plover and the first-year Sabine’s Gull. Both are not your usual fall migrant in inland Jackson County. We can thank the unseasonal rain storms I suspect.

sabine pect
Sabine;s Gull and Pectoral Sandpiper sharing a pile of…organic materials
sabine1 What a joy to see a Sabine’s Gull without having to get on a boat and be seasick for eight hours. It’s always worth the agony for a good pelagic trip, but definitely I prefer driving up to the gull and shooting pictures out the car window.
The Golden-Plover.
The next command I heard came from Nora…time for this dog to run, was the basic message. So we hied over to Avenue G Ponds where she ran and I birded. Hundreds of Waxwings, mostly eating the pale dogwood fruits. cewa young
Kirtland Rd.–Ponds, Jackson, US-OR
Sep 26, 2013 10:15 AM. 15 species (+1 other taxa)

Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) X
Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata) X
Northern Pintail (Anas acuta) X
Greater/Lesser Scaup (Aythya marila/affinis) X
Eared Grebe (Podiceps nigricollis) X
Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura) X
American Coot (Fulica americana) X
Pacific Golden-Plover (Pluvialis fulva) 1
Killdeer (Charadrius vociferus) 3
Least Sandpiper (Calidris minutilla) 1
Pectoral Sandpiper (Calidris melanotos) 1
Western Sandpiper (Calidris mauri) 4
Red-necked Phalarope (Phalaropus lobatus) 1
Sabine’s Gull (Xema sabini) 1
Violet-green Swallow (Tachycineta thalassina) X
Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica) X

All the birds at Avenue were from expected species and many were migrants, large swarms of swallows and a couple swifts.
Denman WMA–Avenue G Ponds, Jackson, US-OR
Sep 26, 2013 10:40 AM. 27 species

Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) 2
Band-tailed Pigeon (Patagioenas fasciata) 1, Vaux’s Swift 2; Wilson’s Snipe 1
Belted Kingfisher (Megaceryle alcyon) 1
Acorn Woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorus) 11
Downy Woodpecker (Picoides pubescens) 1
Northern Flicker (Colaptes auratus) 1
Black Phoebe (Sayornis nigricans) 1
Western Scrub-Jay (Aphelocoma californica) 8
Common Raven (Corvus corax) 1
Violet-green Swallow (Tachycineta thalassina) 150
Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica) 30
American Robin (Turdus migratorius) 1
Cedar Waxwing (Bombycilla cedrorum) 200
Orange-crowned Warbler (Oreothlypis celata) 1
Yellow Warbler (Setophaga petechia) 1
California Towhee (Melozone crissalis) 1
Savannah Sparrow (Passerculus sandwichensis) 4
Song Sparrow (Melospiza melodia) 2
Lincoln’s Sparrow (Melospiza lincolnii) 1
White-crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys) 1
Golden-crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia atricapilla) 4
Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus) 20
House Finch (Haemorhous mexicanus) 1
Purple Finch (Haemorhous purpureus) 1
Lesser Goldfinch (Spinus psaltria) 6

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