Posted by: atowhee | August 16, 2012


There were three Brown Pelicans, all immature, lounging on the boat docks at Bandon. One napped in the sun while two were busy with feather maintenance. A very important function for feathers provide flight, waterproof roofing, insulation–all with minimal weight.

Sitting by the dock of the bay, these pelicans are all immature. Brown head and pale belly. By the time they reach maturity and breeding age, usually four years, they will have white and yellow around the face and a completely brown belly. Regardelss of tint, the feathers must be maintained at all times.


  1. […] Here was a Bandon Peregrine dining on shorebird al fresco, ala carte, tartare. His abbatoir was right on the beach near all the strolling tourists, who noticed nothing, of course. The gulls may have been fascinated but they weren’t getting any closer. But soon a small coterie of admiring Turkey Vultures landed on the beach near Messr. Peregrine. I believe the prey had been a Killdeer in life. Right size and color for same. LOONACY A flock of about three dozen Pacific Loons, still bearing breeding plumage, were tiucked into the most sheltered cove at the Pt. Orford harbor. There they were out of the wind and high waves, feeding contentedly. After a scramble over seaweed slicked rocks I got within a couple yards to get some faint pictures. This is not a species I poften see that near shore. Not far from the end of the pier, a larger Common Loon was fishing alone. This bird is often quite close to land, as is the Red-throated Loon (smallest of the three you can expect to frequent Oregon’s coast in migration and winter). PREVIOUS BANDON BLOGS Pelican feather care […]

  2. Hi Harry,
    Nice photos.
    We were at Nahalem Bay State Park on August 6-8 and I
    spotted endless groups of seven and more (up to 27)
    flying South on the crest of waves, and some stopping
    to fish along the way. What was of interest to me was
    that if one or two left the group to fish, the other continued
    on and the two would join one of the following groups

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