Posted by: atowhee | May 24, 2023


Click here for story about Osprey being reintroduced…to Ireland. Theyt have been extinct there for 150 years! Osprey are one of the few bird species found on every continent…except Antarctic…along with peregrine and Barn Owl. Here is one of my pics of the Madrona Osprey nest yesterday:

Ireland has a badly diminshed avifauna…not even any woodpeckers! The land there has been abused for centuries. Landscape denuded of mosrtforersts. The potato famine was both environmental and political, it sure is symbolic. The landscape is gorgeous, the people hard-working but conservation is relatively recent. We did get to see chough on Cape Clear Island west of Baltimore, which at that time had a fine French cafe on the waterfront.

“The marsh end of the lake came into view.  I tried to concentrate on the ringing solos of the male blackbirds, their epaulettes flashing as they threw their wings out in effort.  As I walked along the path, entering each bird’s realm, the air resounded.”
The Sentence, by Louise Erdrich

My friend Lee French has put a shorter standing bird bath in his Ashland garden…one recent customer was pleased. A thirsty gray fox:

Sea turtles now have legal rights…in Panama. That would be unimaginable in Texas or Florida.


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