Posted by: atowhee | May 22, 2023


Right now, blooms better birds.
Click on an y image for full screen effect.

These are all in our small garden. It’s dominated by sixtry rose bushes, but they have floral accompaniment.
Certainly, the birds have color and music. The spring bird songs make this little avian wonderland a multi-media experience. The plants have little to say. Yet, when the wind blows, their leaves and petals croon a soft soughing sound that accompanies their spectrum of colors unequalled even among tropical birds or fish of the sea.

Then there are some plants we worship even if there are noi flowers or the flowers are ignorable. Behold the potato. These plants come from a forgottenb spud that started to sprout in a dark kitchen cabinet, and now has begun to produce the next generation. I doubt that i have any Incan or even Irish ancestry, but potatoes appeal to my inner being:


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