Posted by: atowhee | May 11, 2023


Birds are no freer than any living creature. We just look past all that impinges on any bird. Today I watched an adult House Finch regurgitate food into the beak of a wing-flapping, beggin juvie. High in a tree, in plain view. Lunch yes, accipiter alert will have to rest on trust or luck. Then I watched two crows diving and harassing two circling TVs. Was that just boistrous bullying? Hard-nosed competition for any nearby roadkill? Territorial message from corvid to vulture? The TVs continued to soar, ducking and swerving but few wing flaps. Meanhwile the crows were running an avian version of high hurdles–quick dives and climbs, high up compared to their usual treetop routes. Lots of wing-flapping and acceleration. Eventually the TVs move off to the north. The crows became invisible–victorious or exhausted?

During the crow-TV show there was a moment whenh one crow seemed to attack the other, then the TVs did the samew thing? Excess aggressive hormones? Exuberance? Is there an avian Second Amendment that encourages attacks on any otter bird in the same air space? Stand your cloud?

As far as I could tell there was never any actual bird on bird contact–no injuries, no feathers lost.

Two crows on left, TVs on the right:

Osprewy nest on Madrona in Salem–more plastic than plumage. Shame on us.

I oince got to help rescue a fledgling Osprey tied to its nest by purple bailing twine–plastic of course. Niot all plastic victims can be so lucky.

Early every morning I’ve been seeing tanagers, inclding one drying off after using our bird bath:

Wet WETA some might snicker. Of course in New Zealand the weta is a group of endemic insects. The giant weta is one of the largest buigs you could ever see. Click here to see how THAT weta is mliterally a handful.


Photos by Kirk Gooding. I think both close-up raptors are Swainsons Hawks. Big white things, eagle in tree, big owl in tree, courting grebes. This is the season that Clarks’s and Western Grebes dance across the water.



  1. Interesting crow – TV interaction.

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