Posted by: atowhee | May 7, 2023


We had a birdwalk at Cornerstoine Preserve this morning, Our luck was so good it didn’t even rain on us. An eagle, warblers, Chipping Sparrows and gnarling towhees were evident. There were three species of swallows circling overhead. At one point we counted 7 Turkey Vultures in sight. As an adult Bald Eagle coasted past. Earlier a Cooper’s Hawk soared over the hilltop.

Cornerstone is owned by Polk County Soil & Water Conservation District. It has creek, grassy hillsides, a stand of hilltop Doug firs, a mature oak grove. Along the creek are ash, hawthorn, chokecherry, maple and willows. Today I saw my first Douglas iris blooms of the year. There were also some camas in flower.

Here is a supoerb gallery from pro photographer, Tom Casey:

There are three fine Bushtit pics. The sparrow is a songster. The corvid is a raven-=-they nest at Cpornerstone. Two red-tail shots. Then colorful feeders are Orange-crowned Warblers. The masterpiece is an in-focus shot of a flaying Tree Swallow. Digest that!

Cornerstone Preserve, Polk, Oregon, US
May 6, 2023
23 species

Mallard  1     fly over
Mourning Dove  2
Turkey Vulture  7
Cooper’s Hawk  1
Bald Eagle  1
Red-tsiled Hawk
Northern Flicker  X
Western Wood-Pewee  1
California Scrub-Jay  3
Common Raven  1
Tree Swallow  X
Violet-green Swallow  X
Barn Swallow  X
White-breasted Nuthatch  2
Bewick’s Wren  2
American Robin  X
Chipping Sparrow  6
Golden-crowned Sparrow  2
Song Sparrow  6
Spotted Towhee  8
Brewer’s Blackbird  1
Orange-crowned Warbler  7
Common Yellowthroat  3


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