Posted by: atowhee | May 4, 2023


In today’s rain the littler birds have to eat. Once wet from rain the House Finches and Lesser Goldfinches have begun using our front porch as a drying chamber. Its roof is delivbwerately designed to have large overhand that protects it from rain. And so it preotects the little birds who star back at us through the front door window from three feet away.

Ankeny NWR Nature center is going have a celebratory even for International Migratory Bird Day, May 13. Click here for info on activities. I will be there to bvrag about ouir Motus Tower and explain it to those who are curious.

How do birds and other animals adjust to living in dense urban habitat? They get smaller, broaden their dietary preferences, learn to fly or move longer distances in shorter time, birds lay mote eggs, and live longer lives. Click here for survey of this recent research.

Not long ago Abbott Shcindler got his image of a Sandhill Crane at Malheur NWR:

Farne Islands are one of the great birding spots in England. Not far offshore (even I didn’t get seasick on the boat ride out there), they have one islad where you stroll can among nesting Arctic Terns, Razorbills (stunning, gorgeous alcids), Atlantic Puffins, Common Eider, Northern Fulmar, etc. In summer you are required to cover your head. Arctic Tern adults attack you as their fledged young run around your legs and hop through the dense groundcover. They are now dealing with avian flu–click here for report.

Arun Chopra is a fine birder from India. On his recent visit here I got to show him around Sauvie Island. Now he’s in New Zealand…birding naturally. Here’s a brief report: “A brightly coloured, broad tailed parakeet, native to south eastern Australia. Introduced to New Zealand in early 1900s. Identified by their bright red heads, with white cheek patches. Upper back is yellow to green, with black patches in the center of each feather. Rump is bright green. Have long tails. The English name of the parakeet is Eastern Rosella. Māori name for the Rosella is Kaka Uhi Whero.”


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