Posted by: atowhee | May 4, 2023


Yesterday the Capitol Lake red-necked Grebe gavce me a prolonged, relaxed viewing. Today I saw another species for the first time here in Marion County…for a few seconds. Luckily I was carrying my camera. As the flock flew into a treetop, I was thinking “waxwing.” Not the right sound, my sharp-eared wife informed me. Finches perhaps?
Well, yes, but not just any finch. Finch gargantua, the world’s largest:

Evening Grosbeaks, of course they were in a flighty flock and soon flew off. Maybe to return some time soon. They’d like our feeders…

EBird tells me this is the most likely time of year to see these grosbeaks in Marion County, late April until late June. I will be watching the treetops.


Arun Chopra’s images of a fantail. There are over 50 species in this family of small insectivores, unrelated to our gnatcatchers but similar physically. They are common across southern Asia, Auistralia, New Zealand and other islands in that area:


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