Posted by: atowhee | April 26, 2023


Costa Rica target species. From Albert: “the reason why we were there was a unique kind of Trogon called

   The Resplendent Quetzal and….

    We found and photographed a pair nesting in a woodpecker cavity

   Male emerging from the nest cavity with one or two chicks

Thank goodness for the 20 frames/second electronic shutter!

Then the female, eventually an avocado served up:

More from Albert Ryckman’s recent expedition there. He writes: “The guide sprays Hummingbird nectar on the flower and they fly in to lick it up!” It suits the nectar-drinking bat:

Above: White-collared Manakin; King Vulture posing; Blue-throated Toucanet

Where was this happening: ecolodge was the Trogon located cloud forests of the Talamanca Highlands.


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