Posted by: atowhee | April 23, 2023


Just simple walk in Clark Creek Park. English daisies, water daisies, henbit, dandelions, hound’s tongue, beauty.

Aside from the insanity of putting a thirsty city in the desert, Vegas now has a problem that has nothing to do with guns, gambling or gut-wrenching architectural excrescences: a killer fungus, click here. You now get to gamble with your life as well as your money. Vegas still holds modern record for American mass murder, but the gunman’s guns are no longer in circulation–click here.

Armadillos dealing with climate change far better than…say, Exxon or United Airlines. But then, armadillos care about survival more than money–click here.

What we need to do for a healthy planet–click here.

Updated data–drought in the US–click here.


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