Posted by: atowhee | April 23, 2023


The oldie–a Lincoln’s Sparrow. Likely the same bird in that same willow thicket where I have seen a Lincoln’s occasionally since last autumn. Like those obviously fly-hawking yellow-rumps we see around here, he’s waiting for that snow to melt in the mountains. He’s just a lot less showy.

The new–my first Vaux’s Swift of the year. And a same population explosion of Canada Geese. Three mated couples. Two with six goslings, a third with just three. That’s fifteen new geese this month in one location. I walked near one couple. The alert male goose puffed up his chest, stood erect, and said to me in Gooselish, “Do not come near my family.” He stood his ground, gunless. I walked around them.

Avian flu has now killed more than any previously estimate for an outbreak in US–click here.

Fairview Wetlands, Marion, Oregon, US
Apr 23, 2023
24 species

Cackling Goose  200
Canada Goose  29     includes 15 goslings
Northern Shoveler  12
Gadwall  1
Mallard  4
Green-winged Teal  20
Ring-necked Duck  4
Bufflehead  4
Ruddy Duck  1
Vaux’s Swift  1
Anna’s Hummingbird  1
American Coot  20
Killdeer  1
Turkey Vulture  1
American Crow  1
Violet-green Swallow  30
Barn Swallow  10
Bushtit  1
European Starling  X
American Robin  3
Song Sparrow  1
Lincoln’s Sparrow  1
Red-winged Blackbird  14
Yellow-rumped Warbler  22

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