Posted by: atowhee | April 18, 2023


The last few days warblers have dominated our birdy garden. Sure, the male American Goldfinches out-number the warblers. Their bright golden glow is eye-catching. They sing nicely, even in the rain. But a half-dozen boldly costumed yellow-rumps are impossible to overlook. They demand attention, and we accede. Yesterday there was a single orange-crown but it wouldn’t pose the way the yellow-rumps do.

How can a nuthatch look big? Compare it to a yellow-rump:

Some day soon I expect only a pair of House Finches will remain.

The Zonotrichia are all passing through–white-crown, golden-crown, white-throat. The latter refuses to pose. Earlier members of the species would come right up to the window.

A Lincoln’s Sparrow came through our garden yesterday but didn’t linger in the open–typically shy and elusive. Second sighting of then year–one happened back on January 19th.

Crow came for sunflower seeds. Have our neighbors forgotten to throw their junk food leftovers onto the street? Forgot to leave dog kibble in the backyard?

Crow and friend, a dog. Click here for great video.

Motus spreading. Here is short explanation of the Motus system and importance of tower we’ve erected at Ankeny NWR–click here.



  1. The photos are brilliant and allow those of us who are a distance away to share the splendor of birds who return in a timely manner to their habitat. Thank you for capturing them and sharing your find.

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