Posted by: atowhee | March 25, 2023


At Salem’s Riverfront Park today my wife and I witnessed the incubation changeover. What we took to be the female left the nest and the male assumed warming duties atop the eggs. Earlier a foolhardy first-year eagle had caught a fish nearby and presume to land in a tree near the nest. Both adult eagles screamed at him and he got the message, leaving for the back side of the island grove, at least a hundred yards from the nest.

Here is male eagle circling, then landing:


This note from my friend, Eric May: “This little wagtail (?) is completely tame and is  positioned to pick up all crumbs dropped his way at our local café in Beaulieu…”
What does he prefer? Croissant flakes? Cassoulet bits? Boeuf bourguignon? Dribbled butter? Being French this bird is certain to appreciate the best gourmet crumbs,. I reckon. A high class crumb bum, oui?
Eric is an American native, now a benign invasive, having escaped Portland, OR, to reside in southern France. Some lucky day we hope to share that cafe with Eric and his wife.
Pied Wagtail, if you’re taking notes. He is a member in good standing of the family Motacillidae. Family members include all the pipits and wagtails. They have long toes and one family member is called Orange-throated Longclaw.

French birds are prone to cafes, like their human co-habitors. I loved to watched House Sparrows time the door openings so they could come and go from Les Deux Magots in winter. In warm months waiters bring most of the crumbs-to-be to outside diners.

A pocket-sized pet–click here.



  1. Thanks for the update on the Riverfront Park BAEA’s.

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