Posted by: atowhee | March 23, 2023


One of the first birds in our garden this morning–a Hermit Thrush bullying the juncos. Right now the only finches in our garden are House Finches, one pair probably will nest nearby. Two months ago the American Goldfinches out-numbered the juncos (30 or more) and there were usually several lessers. Now: zero. They’ve gone off to potential breeding habitat which we do not have for goldfinches.

THREE! White-throated Sparrows in one part of our garden at the same time, 134PM. Bad light, light rain, they kept moving…so here’s a past pic:

Canada Goose on nest at Fairview Wetlands:

Also at Fairview, this male Ruddy Duck in full courtship mode. Tail-up, more rudder than ruddy, perhaps?

Other ducks:

Another shot of yesterday’s Nashville Warbler:

Zonotrichia pair–golden-crowned and white-throated:

Climate report and graphic showing how change will hit different generations of our species–click here. To read official
summary of the newest IPCC report–click here.

If you see a Hooded Vulture pass by, call the Oakland Zoo. Wind-downed tree smashed into aviary compound and six birds escaped–click here,



  1. 3 white throated sparrows in one yard has to be a record!

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