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The Great Blue Herons in the Willamette Valley are beginning to nest. Click here for my Salem Reporter piece on the colony along I-5 north of Salem, and some general info on the herons’ world.

The results of the annual Feederwatch been collated. The bird most likely to be seen by Feederwatchers in Oregon: junco. Keep in mind much of this observation nis actually done near feeders, in gardens, and other locations near people and pets. If the observations had been done above the snow-line in Oregon, raves might have out-numbered juncos in Feb-March Feederwatch period. Juncos are surprisingly successful in North America. They are one of the few bird species that out-number our species, so far. They excel at junconess, even though that usually means nesting on the ground. Nearly all fall and winter juncos have numbered over 20 every day in my garden. In summer nearly all head back into mountains, and one pair nests near us.

The junco was reported by 96% of the watchers in Oregon, making us the #1 junc-bird state. Washington was second at 94% with Conn, RI and NJ all coming in at 92 or 93%.

Other people-tolerant species in the top five: BC Chickadee, Anna’s Hummingbird, House Finch, flicker. Ten most commonly seen birds in Oregon–click here.

Nationally the BC Chickadee’s cold-tolerance led to a 97% saturation among Maine watchers, a mere 96% in Minnesota. Anna’s Hummingbird was seen by over 70% of Oregon’s watchers. The starling ranked only 13th in Oregon. In D.C. it was reported by 90% of watchers.

Photographer and birdman, Albert Ryckman, is in Victoria, BC, right now. Here’s a first look at what he’s seeing:

Don’t be outta your gord, really get into it:

If you want to see these up close, even buy one:
Karen Hoyt’s BEAUTIFUL BIRD GOURDS will be at
Capitol Woodcarvers 2023 SHOW at the Center 50+ in Salem, Oregon.
Center 50+ is 2615 Portland Rd. NE, Salem.
WHEN: Saturday, April 1st 10 AM to 5 PM & Sunday, April 2nd 10 AM to 4 PM. 



  1. I always enjoy Albert’s photos – Hopefully he can give another SAS program next year.

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