Posted by: atowhee | March 19, 2023


This is March Madness of a sparrow kind. Seven sparrow species in our garden today! That’s a record. If I violate true taxonomic
“law” I could even count the House “Sparrow” though he’s a Eurasian interloper here. Sparrow total, linguistically, is eight.
Three Zonotrichia today (missing only Harris’s)–the newcomer was a white-crowned, likely heading to Alaska. Golden-crowns and white-throated continue to be seen (for now). Towhee…fox…song…and the majority of sparrows all winter here have been the numerous juncos. Seven species.

An interesting note about the House Sparrow. It was a female and she was observing her fellow invasive, a pair of starlings. They were investigating a possible nesting hole under the roof peak of our neighbor’s garage. The female sparrow watched the two bigger birds check it out, perhaps thinking to herself. If they don’t take that apartment, I will.


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