Posted by: atowhee | March 7, 2023


Female Bald Eagle continues to incubate. While my wife and I watched the male flew in to perch a couple trees away from the nest. After watching hi circle, large wings spread, cruising to slow down, legs extended, soft landing. Exciting approach, the perch itself was soooooo boring:

Even through a scope usually just the top of the female’s white head shows over the lip of the nest. Some lucky eagle watchers told me they saw her stand, re-arrange the eggs and then settle back down. When there are nestlings, the activity level will accelerate. Meanwhile, incubation continues and all the changes are inside the eggs–usually one to three eggs, four not impossible. That’s a lot of hunting to be required by the father until it’s safe for the female to hunt, too. But she can’t while the chicks are young and helpless and easy prey. The crows will be watching, and then peregrine who often hunts off the nearby bridge over the Willamette.

Your free bonus today? Lee French’s six second video of a ringtail arching across Lee’s yard in Ashland, with tail about double what his raccoon relatives’ can show. Click below.


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