Posted by: atowhee | March 6, 2023


“To work hard”
And again today a beaver at Salem’s Riverfront Park was beavering away. I saw this one swim across the slough, crawl onto the sand-bar then shuffle over toward dense clumps of dried grass. The beaver was grazing. Perhaps there were green shoots at the base of each clump. Two on-shore beavers sightings there within a week, must be difficult time of year to find floating food, cattails and willows still dormant. Click on any image for full screen:

Besides the loud ones on the playground, the only other wild mammal was a doe across the channel, browsing in a clearing below the Bald eagle nest (we’re coming to that next).

The Eagle Nest across the channel, due west of the merry-go-round, is active. The female has been incubating for a few days, likely there will be nestlings around March 25 if all is well. Papa eagle was on prominent perch, guarding this afternoon.



  1. Nice that you’re seeing a beaver during the daytime at Riverfront Park.

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