Posted by: atowhee | March 3, 2023


Nearly every time the flicker comes to flick suet, the yellow-rumps lands below to collect the flicked fleck of food. Symbiosis. The white-throat likes to hang out right below our window. This bird acts like a townie…
The merganser pair was at Riverfront Park.

New hybrid hummer discovered in South America (where there are dozens of hummingbird species)–click here.

If you are a mother eagle incubating eggs, you don’t take a day off because of bad weather. Head held high, this Minnesota Bald Eagle is buried in snow, and then she isn’t–click here for video.

Speaking of eagles, here’s one in the warmer clime of North Carolina–photo shared by my friend, Mike Lund.

There are more colors than our eyes can see, our brain can connote. A woodcock may have a record number of tones and tints, well beyond our ken–click here.

Take twenty minutes and absorb this elegy in video–to the birds and landscape of Wm. Finley NWR. Videographer, Owen Dell.
My favorite segment is where the pintails and shovelers are butts-up while feeding. Wet versions of my upside-down flicker.


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