Posted by: atowhee | March 1, 2023


There is a family trio of crows who “own” our garden here in south Salem. They pass by often. Perch serenely on our electric lines, eat our bird food, speak without being spoken to, stroll across the lawn, take double peanuts when so inclined. This morning they spotted the Cooper’s (that i thought might be a Sharp-shinned) Hawk watching our feeders from thirty feet up in the bare gum tree. This they did not approve. Urged on by the bickering calls of an irritated chickadee, the three crows encouraged the sharpie to shove off. The hawk was gone by 845AM. Avian world local returned to normal routine. The Bushtits arrived for celebratory feast.

Here is the scene just before departure: crow family in upper right half, chickadee not visible, Coop in the lower left-hand corner:


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