Posted by: atowhee | February 25, 2023


Our species has always been familiar with this choice. Cave bear or leave cave? King or country? War or leave? Wildfire evacuation? Flood warning? Hurricane coming? Volcano nearby (see Pompeii)? Tsunami, cyclone, tornado, Putin, West Nile virus, drought, AR-15 next door…stay? Or go?
We are not alone. Today I witnessed the stay-go results among a population of waterfowl I observe often. Who’s at the wetlands along Fairview Industrial here in Salem? Much of the water is frozen solid, open water less than 20% of total surface area. Ducks and a nutria, literally, on ice. Not a menu item, just a fact of life right now. Regulars not present: pintails, Mallards, Gadwall, geese.

Those who stayed: many teal, some shovelers, over a dozen coots, quartet of Bufflehead, three Ring-necked Ducks. Geese flew past, none landed. One nutria pranced across the ice, no skids marks made.

NOT ON ICE at Fairview

Above: male Anna’s, ruby-crown. Below; bluebird for happiness. He was posted at nearby Pringle Creek Community:

FROM OUR MINNESOTA CORRESPONDENT, ROGER FORSBERG: “After the last 3 snowstorms earlier this week here are two images of Rome Avenue in St Paul, one looking due east & the other due west at approx. 4:29pmCT.   With this snowfall we’ve topped by 1 inch the average annual snowfall in St Paul (52 inches vs 51 inches, respectively).  As one might expect the sky is a brilliant, cerulean blue & the air as refreshing as a swig of glacial water.”

A New Zealand has experienced a native species becoming invasive…a Morepork comes into his home every night–click here for the visual evidence. Why “morepork?” That’s the bird’s call Anglicized…”more pork.”

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