Posted by: atowhee | February 18, 2023


It is stunning how nervy the lions have become. I need a drink. Stay away from your jeep.
Some the creatures you may not be able to ID from TV shows: vervet monkey, they’re small and limber and run in gangs, one place we stayed in Uganda you had to try to lock your tent so they wouldn’t trash it while you were out during the day; I’ve explained how I admired the warthogs, at some eco-lodges they get as tame as an y wild animal I’ve ever encountered except the hand-raised sea-turtles released into the Pacific off the Big Island in Hawaii; black-backed jackal, not related to any political fund-raiser or hedge fund manager you may know; spotted hyenas with food; Augur buzzard (all Eurasian buzzards are in the buteo family, cousins of our red-tail and ferrugy, et al.; the duo is sacred ibis on left, yellow-billed stork to the right; lone white bird is a spoonbill; Grey Crested Cranes, gray if you use an American field guide; Beautiful Sunbird, the African nectar eater as they have no hummers on their side of the pond, an American invention; a Little Bee-eater, one member of the family Meropidae. They are found only in Africa and Eurasia…so now we’re even, bird-wise. We westerner hemisphericans have hoatzin, they have hoopoe, we have icterids, they have hornbills; we all share Osprey.

That tin y bird near the elephant is likely a Cattle Egret, widespread around African mega-fauna. They spread to the Western hemisphere last century with no known aid from our ships or our species!





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