Posted by: atowhee | January 12, 2023


Our four-month-old Motus Tower at Ankeny NWR has registered its first bird of 2023. It is a migratory bird–no surprise. It is a robin tagged in British Columbia–also what one could expect. The bird was tagged in mid-October. The robin was just north of the international border, near the mouth of the Fraser River. It was in a southern suburb of Vancouver, BC. Will the robin stick around or move on? The mark with the black center dot, just below the “R” in Richmond is where the Ankeny robin got his tiny transmitter.

Our previous tagged bird noted at Motus-Ankeny was a Dunlin back in September.
This robin was tracked on Tuesday, but not since.

The tower erected last fall:

An ODFW grant to the Salem Audubon Society paid for the equipment, materials and some of the non-volunteer labor that went into putting up this first Motus tower in the northern Willamette Valley. There is another tower in Eugene. Others are at Bandon, Jackson County (run by KBO) and at Malheur NWR.

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