Posted by: atowhee | January 11, 2023


Blake Nolan had plenty of time with the storm-driven red Phalarope he found over the weekend at Florence’s North Jetty. Most birders see this species over the bow of a wave-tossed boat. Here they were ashore and busy being phalarope about twenty miles east of where they normally be. Click on any individual image to get full-screen view;

These birds are larger and have a notably heavier beak than their red-necked cousins that are regularly seen migrating in western Oregon. Only the Red Phalarope winter this far north, generally out to sea.

January 10th was photo-sharing night for Salem Audubon. The several presenters took us on a statewide Big Year…to see Oregon raptors…an explanation of bird boxes and their usefulness to many species…to Costa Rica…to seabirds off Iceland…a family visit to some Great Gray Owls near Ashland. Click here to watch the video.

The Earth’s oceans are warmer than any time since our species began measuring–click here.


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